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Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and marijuana

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  • Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and marijuana

    Hi all, I'm a fairly new member and just recently very interested in pot for treatment of this nasty disease. I'm reading all good on weed helping people with arthritis. Anybody here have this or good friends with someone who has it? For now I would like to include it with my pain med and biologic treatment. I have a good feeling about having weed involved. I guess I would just like to hear some stories to feel optimistic, or hopefully not, pessimistic. Somewhere I even read that the Asian culture used it for many years to combat Rheumatism. There might even be a link to that positive reading. Any advice would be great, I'm suffering with this crap. thanks!

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    Hey Kid, no worries, we all show up sooner or later right? For myself and my personal pain treatments, which are very much like RA, just different cause, stay hopeful!

    For myself, trauma is what lead to my degenerative joints, not RA, but the result is the same... CBD's do impair those receptors to the point that pain is mitigated, at least in my opinion? I mean, I can not tell you any more scientifically than A I medicate for pain and B It appears to work... Mind you, I have only used MJ for pain treatment in the past 5 years, prior to that, I did not suffer from enough pain that I would contemplate medication.

    Honestly, at this point, I do not understand the push back? I grow vegetables and herbs all year long, you hungry? Lets talk...

    But that has nothing to do with MJ, well, not MUCH to do with MJ...


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      Hi Kid, and welcome.
      I can not speak from my own experience, but we have a close family friend with chronic RA and he swears by the pain relief he gets from weed. He was always a smoker anyway and that never really helped so much, but once he started making oil and taking regular higher doses he claims that his pain is massively reduced. As a close friend it is clear to see how much easier he moves around now. He always handled the pain very well, but those who know him could tell when he was hurting. He's been taking the oil for about 6 months or more now and the difference is clear to see.
      Hope you find some relief. If you ever want to try growing your own medicine then this would be a great place to get good advice and support.
      Good luck mate.


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        Thanks I appreciate the talk. I've actually done a little smoking, it did help. I want to buy something called ISmoke, I think that's the name, its a personal ecig type of product, I can put a small amount in the chamber and it acts like an Ecig. I want to tone down the harshness. Ever use one of those?

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      You mean a vaporizer. There are lots of vaporizers on the market. You can get real fancy digital high tech ones, portable ones and cheap e-bay ones. I would advise avoiding the cheapest as they burn the weed rather than vaping it.
      Check out the vaporizer threads here. Lots of opinions on vapes, beware that some seem a bit like advertisements (we like to give people the benefit of the doubt). If you look up Vitolo on this forum you will find lots of good, genuine reviews and info. Try this thread -
      For myself, I would recommend the Sonic. It's quite expensive but is very versatile and really does the job.
      Read all the online reviews and see how you get on.


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        Also, you can choose some from - I check them every time their sales start. Some good reviews by the community can be useful as well.


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          I heard about CBD oil and flowers on You can try to use it.
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            Haven't been on the forum lately but this makes me want to respond. I quit smoking and vaping some time ago. I have been growing mostly CBD type plants and then turning the buds into cannabutter. I then turn the butter in with sugar cookies and bake. The effect of this takes approximately 45 mins to one hour and then the relief begins. My lungs are so much better know and don't have to worry about carrying and oxygen bottle around down the road. One note here - most recipes for making Cannabutter suggest a 12 hour soak in a crock pot. I go 24 hrs and get way better results. The cookies can be frozen until the need arises. hope this helps - slohan