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Learning how to grow in Florida

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  • Learning how to grow in Florida

    I am waiting for legalization in Florida. I am a patient and advocate for medical marijuana. Any growing tips for Florida residents?

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    Welcome Buzz!

    Wide open question there. We have a forum full of sections that you can read to further your knowledge about all types of growing, from members all over the world. Some in high humid weather conditions also, as I believe Florida is too.

    Take your boots off, sit back and read, read, read the many sections here is a sure bet to learn how to get started learning how to grow. Once you get started, we here will help with any questions you will have.

    If you decide to start before It's legal there, be extra, extra careful who you tell, best not let (anyone) know what your doing, as any confrontations with a neighbor or a questionable friend could almost certainly, sink your boat and land you in the pokie. Best of Luck with your research and your first grow.


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      If you plan to grow outdoors in a humid environment then bear in mind that many weed strains are prone to botrytis - the dreaded bud rot. Strain selection will be an important factor for you. Choose strains with good mold resistance and nice, airy, open structures. Some of the Dutch strains have been bred for growing outdoors in northern Europe and have excellent anti-fungal properties.
      Other than that, lots of sunlight during the growing season is great for weed. And Florida is the Sunshine State eh... I hear that their weed laws are a bit severe though, so be careful out there.
      The grow outdoor section of this website is an excellent place to start your research.


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        Thanks for the welcome and advice.