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Is dropping out of college to grow marijuana worth it?

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  • Is dropping out of college to grow marijuana worth it?

    I am currently in a bind at college and am having second thoughts on if its even for me. I hear that you can make good money by growing medical marijuana. What should I do!?

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    Find the balance

    I would say get into the industry but still continue making your way through school possibly studying business. It's great to become a professional grower but without business sense you may be setting yourself up at a disadvantage as this becomes a more legitimate business. I have grown for years but without my MBA my store would be in shambles! Find that balance between what you love and what you need and you will never "work" another day in your life. Best of luck. If you have other questions email me at [email protected]


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      There has been a lot of polemic lately about whether young people should bother going to college with a bad economy and few jobs available. Albeit it may seem a worthy debate on the surface, students might be better off staying in college than dropping out to face the job market. Here is the article: Dropping out of college more expensive than staying. To add, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in 2009, workers with a Bachelorís or higher had median weekly earnings of $1,137, compared to $726 for those with some college or an Associateís degree. High school graduates had median earnings of $626, and high school dropouts had median weekly earnings of $454. Unemployment is also lower for graduates. Therefore, it is still better to have a college diploma because it is still the best license towards success.


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        There seems to be an education bubble or education inflation with the growing number of college graduates. It seems that a college degree is the equivalent of a high school degree these days. It's like your union card. Most large corporations won't even look at your resume if you are not a college grad. If you don't want to join corporate America, college probably isn't for you.

        Check out marijuana colleges like Oaksterdam if you want to grow.

        Medical marijuana containers and dispensary bottles can be found here if you decide to go the dispensary/delivery route.

        Whatever you decide....make sure you're doing it because you love it.


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          I wouldn't drop out of college to start growing marijuana. Anyone can grow marijuana...but it takes a true winner to graduate from College. Don't let marijuana hold you back.