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  • Newbies need to post more

    Sure wish these newbies would post more then one post and we never see them again after it. Whats the point of joining this forum if you do not participate?

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    Ditto that KW! So many of our newbies, we never here from again. I don't get it either. Do enjoy helping them get underway growing too, helps me remember things. I remember when I first started growing, I was all on~the~leg trying to get any info I could, to learn how to get better at growing.

    Now days we have this great site for them to learn all there is about growing. Some of us here are better at growing in hydro and some know more about growing in soil. Same with experience with autoflowering and others know photoperiods well. We have a great core of good growers right here willing to teach them the ropes, so if your new to growing out there newbies, post up your questions. Gives us something to do and keeps our memories sharp, lol.

    So you went full frontal on your avatar, Katzie. Cool. I've been thinking about it too, but nobody wants to see what my old~ass self looks like anyways. Sure liked your Canadian flag, that was awesome.


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      You took the words right out of my mouth there Blaze. Having a hard time finding work again and this site can keep me busy at times but lately it hasnt and hope for it to turn around for the better again. Ya i thought i'd show my mug to the site and i liked that flag too, and will probably go back to it for my avatar. Hope all is good out your way my friend. Keep on toking and growing


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        Well, you asked for it... Newbie checking in!

        I'm a fairly recent OMMP patient, and I'm thinking about starting a small indoor grow, with potential aspirations of starting a marijuana-related business after it becomes legal for recreational use in Oregon this July. I am shamefully ignorant of proper growing techniques and know very little about this industry in general, but am hoping to remedy that here.

        I don't want to threadjack, so I'll make my grow-questions posts in the appropriate subs, but I am wondering if there is already a place to discuss the business end of things, does a community for that exist already?


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          Welcome to the site Drewid and by business end of things do you mean starting up a medical marijuana dispensary?


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            Originally posted by Katzie_Wolf71 View Post
            Welcome to the site Drewid and by business end of things do you mean starting up a medical marijuana dispensary?
            Thanks for the warm welcome, Katzie.

            Not a dispensary as I don't have the initial capital required, but I'm thinking something along the lines of facilitating small home grows (I've considered creating and selling all-in-one grow kits so people that want to get started can get everything they need to set it up) -- this would allow me to start operations on July 1st (when it becomes legal for recreational use) rather than having to wait until January 2016, when they start offering licenses for selling actual product and such. A lot of people are going to be in the same boat I am in now when July 1st hits, and I want to be ready to fill that niche, if possible.


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              Just asking. Where? What state, etc.

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            Welcome to the forum, Drewid.

            I don't think we have a business section yet. Not too many folks are in a position to afford a start~up around these parts. Selling pre~made kits sounds interesting though. Might be some money there if you know what to package together for a complete grow.

            Your going to learn alot of good growing info here and feel free to ask your questions anytime. Growing a few times will get you accustom to the equipment, nutrients and growing process needed to grow some killar budz. Then you'll know what gear you'll need for those kits. Best of Luck to ya.


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              stop in at your local hydroponics shop, spend some time browsing what they have on hand, get a few catalogs to take home with you so you can figure out rough prices for different setups. I am really fortunate to have a hydroponic shop only 200 yards from the house! I can walk there in 5 minutes... People in the PNW have been growing indoors for years so I am sure there is a store near you... Not just MJ either, organic veggies as well. They are very similar in what they need from the standpoint of hardware, lights, medium, hydro/soil/aqua, all those methods are being used by health nuts (like me) who want good fresh food, all year long... Meet some of those people and you will be well on your way... But I will stop here and look for your fresh post, I like fresh to add more ideas, or brainstorm a bit... Offer up what ever advice I can.

              BTW Drewid, I am in Colorado at the intersection of legal and not so legal... meaning that while rec MJ has been legalized state wide, rec sales and distribution is a whole different matter. One that is taken up by a city/county/jurisdictional level of approval. My city for instance, said NO to rec sales/manufacture/distribution. My County however, did not. So outside of city limits, is a Rec shop and rec grow operations, but nothing in my city. Use at home, all the personal parts of rec, growing, giving it away even, are 'legal', just not distribution (or manufacture FOR distribution) So I may be able to steer you with guidance on what is happening just a few months ahead of your state as far as those debates... Which I am sure are in OR's future...


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                Welcome Drewid, I found it interesting that some places were illegal, I thought the whole state was legal? Being here on the east coast we don't always here about things until it is old news for the west coast! Sorry to hear that you are having trouble finding work Katzie-Wolf, I know what this feels like. Keep your head up dude.
                Well it is time to get growing again and I am starting off with 2 Arjan's haze#2 and two clones of my G.S.C. I also have 1seedling of blue kush auto. Iam using happy frog potting soil w/ worm castings and extra perlite. I will be posting more in the way of a grow log. Later, mega nute


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                  @blaze: Thank you so much for your kind offer of support -- I am going to need all the help I can get I don't have a whole lot of start-up capital myself, but I've always been an entrepreneur, and I have a somewhat unique technical skillset that I hope will give me an advantage, should I find a suitable business opportunity.

                  @coconut: there's a hydro shop in my city, so I'll definitely check it out, thanks for the suggestion. I'm not much of a health nut myself, but I've seen some indoor-grown tomatoes that were so red I was very surprised to learn that they were not photoshopped -- I'll probably end up growing some produce myself. Maybe some peppers... mmm... now I'm hungry.

                  @mega: I don't think it's 'illegal' anywhere in the state, just lots of counties (including my own) have a moratorium that prohibits dispensaries and similar businesses until this May (I think?) so I have to drive pretty far out of town to go to a dispensary to get my supply.

                  I do have a few quick questions that I'd prefer not to start a new thread for, if that's alright...

                  1) OMMP allows for 6 'mature' (12"+) plants, and 18 starts/seedlings -- I cannot fathom the usefulness of having 12 additional seedlings that I cannot allow to bring to maturity. What are those typically used for? The only thing that half makes sense is starting up 18 of them and only keeping the 6 strongest/healthiest, but that seems like a needless waste of time/seed.

                  2) I've read that for initial veg, I should use either 24/0 or 18/6 -- is there any discernible difference between these that would lead me to choose one over the other?


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                    I can answer about the 24/0 or 18/6. It all depends on how much you want to spend on electricity cause obviously you would spend more on 24/0 and less with it being on 18/6. My personal opinion is plants need their rest so i go with 18/6 for veg.


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                      [ATTACH=CONFIG]n36194[/ATTACH] New to the forum.Getting ready to move to Spokane and am hoping this will help me in my desire to grow some premium marijuana legally when I get there.Aany advice will be much appreciated.Peace y'all.
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                        Welcome One-Eyed Jack!

                        Like your cat there, Give us a meoow when your established up there in Spokane, we'll be more than happy to help get you on your way to growing some plants. Lots of good info here in the forum for you to read, that will help you get familiar with the growing process.

                        Hope your move goes smoothly. Best of Luck.


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                          Welcome to the site, both of ya. I've always gone the 18/6 for veg but I think this years grow I'll do 16/8 in veg as that is about what mother nature provides and it will save some on the elect. bill, I don't think it will hurt anything.


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                            the issue with most beginners is that they come here clueless and way ahead of themselves without even the most basic idea of growing plants,then expect instant gratification within a three or four step crash course to take them from seed to harvest in a single thread.
                            one guy even asked recently if he can use his incandescent bulbs to grow....had he took the time to read more he wouldn't have even asked a question like that.
                            i always recommend that they read a few grow books first if they are serious before they even think of planting a seed to get an idea of what they'll need to know and whatever equipment and expense they are going to have to invest in for purchase or constructing the proper gear to make it worthwhile and have something to show for their efforts.
                            for the most part they stop asking questions because they become overwhelmed on how much information they think they'll need to grasp, though it's not very complicated or that expensive when a beginning aspiring grower knows exactly what they'll need to know to get started, the most important being some basic knowledge....when i began growing my own, reading books was the only way a person would learn because the world wide web did not even exist,,but most it seems nowadays do not feel the need to invest their time into reading a few books.
                            i dont mind sharing a little of the experience and nuances I've acquired over the years,..but i am not going to post a book like thesis or a long tutorial either.they ought to have a slight idea of what they are getting into and do a bit of reading before they ask questions if they're serious about getting it right.
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