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White widow scrog grow

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  • kbag
    It really depends on the stretch if you know your strain then you will gauge it this way, If you do not opt for 50% as you will need to train the stretch through the net. One of the best techniques to use is to super crop and flatten the top out. You should also top early on as well, you want as many heads as possible.
    Obviously this all dependent on the room you have how and long you plan to veg etc etc.

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  • UK's Grinder
    started a topic White widow scrog grow

    White widow scrog grow

    I have 2 feminised white widow plants on the go and intend using the scrog technique later on. How much of the net should I allow to be covered before flipping to 12/12 so they fill all gaps during the stretch. I've read from 50-80% but that's a huge difference and I want to avoid overcrowding. Thanks for any help...
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