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New Grower! Happy to be apart of the community with a few minor questions

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  • New Grower! Happy to be apart of the community with a few minor questions

    Hey Everyone,

    I just wanted to write and introduce myself. I'm a new grower on the U.S. east coast here and I'll be starting my hydrogrow this week. Earlier this week I bought the Cash Crop 4.0 and it just arrived now I'm waiting on a 6 seeds to come in (hopefully this week). I wanted to know where could I find the best resources/guides to grow hydro.

    - Are there any forum threads or specific guides you recommend for growing (From germination to harvesting)?
    - Im interested in breeding my own plants (are their any guides on that)?
    - Also realistically how much bud is produced per plant?.. I bought 5 white widow seeds from Herbies.

    Also my grow box is 3 Feet high and i bought the CO2 enhancer as well.

    - Sincerely

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    Hey Kut - look into our diary section there are a few answers there I believe also your height(3') will dictate your crop I'm thinking - might want to consider sog technique(you don't say how wide your box is and what kind of light system. Read up on this forum, there are a couple of sections that will be helpful. I did a grow in a small motorhome shower and only grew one plant. I would suggest you get your feet wet with a one plant endeavor and see how it goes for you. Treated right one plant will fill your "room" quite well. Welcome slo-han


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      How much you produce depends very much on what you put in.
      I had a quick look at the Cash Crop 4.0. Says 180W CFL (3 x 60), is that right? That will produce but buds won't be massively dense. Some additional light would improve the yield a bit.
      Do you get a nutrient pack with it?
      I think you will do just fine and get a decent return, but if you enjoy it you will almost definitely want to upgrade in the future.
      To Keep those White Widows comfortably under 3 feet you might want to have a look at the section about training.
      Breeding is a fascinating topic but get a couple of regular grows under your belt and get a feel for how the plant works.
      Good Luck. Let us know how it goes with the Cash Crop 4.0. I'd be interested to know how it performs.