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How does your garden grow? I need a mentor for mine.

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  • How does your garden grow? I need a mentor for mine.

    Mine doesn't grow at all! Probably because I haven't bought it yet. Here's the rub: 1) I've never grown indoors; 2) I've never grown medicine; 3) I've never grown hydro. Now for the other side: 1) I have had lots of experience in horticultural labs (thank you FFA); 2) I have outdoor soil gardening experience (grew up in the country); and 3) I'm really quite intelligent. I just don't want my maiden voyage on a sea of green to go down in tragedy. So all you hydro growers get back to me with some good sound theories and experiences to get me lined out before I buy my gear and seeds! I think I'm gonna play with White Widow to start. I need to know everything I can (OCD) before I start ordering. I need a mentor, anyone interested? BTW: The avatar is just a random pic from a google search. I'm a guy. But stoner chicks are hot to me.
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    k... new questions to help with clarification of earlier posted plea for help. if i get a 2'x2'x4' cabinet/tent. what kind of seed-harvest grow time using SOG? do i need another cab/tent for cloning? can it be done outside the growroom while harvest finishes? what am i getting into? lol. i need to produce a few pounds every few months. im hoping to grow my garden as i gain exp. i thought i needed a taller area to grow in, but SOG on here says 10-12 inches then flower. how long will the flowering take alone? i read a pc grow diary on here and it was like 27g harvest from one plant. im wanting to start with either God Bud, White Widow, or Northern Lights. im ready to order the kit today if i can find some knowledge to make my garden most effective! thanks again!!


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      Hi there.
      In answer to the grow time question. I would say about 4 weeks veg (from seed) and then whatever the flowering period of the strain is. God Bud for example say about 8 weeks so about 12 - 13 weeks altogether. 4 harvests per year.
      SoG from clones would be different as you could set them onto flower pretty much as soon as the roots are set and avoid waiting for the seeds.
      The size of the tent will make no difference to the times involved, but remember that weed 'stretches' while flowering. Some strains could triple in size during flowering so choose short strains if your box is limited by height.
      Cloning can not be carried out in the same room as flowering as this will be on 12/12 and will mess up the clones. Clones want to be on about 18/6. You can clone on a window ledge if you don't have a dedicated space for them. If you can find a space for them you only need CFL lighting so it wouldn't cost much to set up.
      If you want to know more about the flowering times and sizes for your strains look them up here. Most are around the 8 week mark but they can vary. Remember that a lot of strains take a week or so longer than the seedbanks say if you want to harvest them at their best.
      Hope this helps a bit. I have no hydro experience at all so can't help you there. Asking more specific questions like this is more likely to get you answers.

      PS. You look pretty hot for a rural American stoner guy..... :-)


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        I know, right?! but seriously, I spent prolly an hour yesterday chatting with a guy from and he said soil is best for a beginner. I'm going with the 4'x2' tent package from them. Then I will just clone under my desk since odor won't be an issue till they flower. I plan to grow 2-3 plants in my 4'x2' space, and his guidance on yield was to shoot for .75-.85g/W. Once I get comfortable with the process I can hope to hit 1g/W. I'm also looking at spending just a few hundred more and picking up a 5'x5' for more volume. I guess I should change my profile pic eh? lol