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  • New guy on the block!

    What's up guys!? I am completely new to these forums and am excited that I found a great place to talk to people with similar interests! I just started up my own YouTube channel this last year called "The Herbal Review" for fun and really am a big vaping fan. Although vaporizers are my thing, I'm not too informed on marijuana in general, which sucks; but you gotta start somewhere! I'm planning on going to the Cannibus Cup this year to broaden my horizons a little bit, so that should be interesting!

    Anyways, stay lifted fellow moon-men!
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    good to have you on board mate. If there is anything that you need/want to know just ask on the forum and someone will answer asap.
    The cannabis cup is a good place to get your knowledge. lots of good weed will be there to compete. Ask as much as you can an smoke as much as you will.