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moving from indoor to outdoor?

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  • moving from indoor to outdoor?

    greetings! even here in socal, winter can be pretty harsh. when it starts warming up, i would like to move my 2 ER strain indica youngsters outdoors. i started them both from seeds and they are both female & doing wonderfully. any input regarding the transition from a controlled grow to sunshine and the elements? thank you!

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    I would suggest acclimatising them by putting them outdoors on nice sunny days when you have them. Do this a couple times before leaving them outdoors overnight. Indica strains are generally pretty hardy though.


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      Moving Outdoors

      Thank you for the information on acclimating gradually.

      When it warms up in a couple few/weeks, should I give full sun all day, or part shade, or?

      I have another question; what, if any, insects or other critters are attracted to marijuana plants in the garden?

      Thanks again, have a splendid weekend everybody!


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        Unless it is blisteringly hot I would give them full sun, but let them cool with the day and bring them in in the evening when the temp has dropped a bit. The whole point is to prevent them getting any sudden shocks, whether hot or cold.
        There is a good article about pests here. It mostly concentrates on diseases and deficiencies but there is some stuff about bugs about half way down.