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  • Saturnalia
    Hey Guerilla. Welcome.
    In my experience the main way that people get caught with guerrilla grows is down to the smell.
    I'm assuming that you have chosen your location carefully enough to avoid hikers stumbling across your crop. And as far as helicopters are concerned, well I don't know about your location, but where I live the police just don't have the resources to be flying helicopters around looking for grows.
    But watch out for hikers being able to notice the smell. It really can travel and is very distinguishable.
    If the property is all country I'd be m ore worried about critters. Do you have deer and rabbits?

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  • GuerillaoftheSouth
    started a topic Helicopters


    Hey everyone hope all is well. My question is how easily detectable are plants in general? I have around 15 and it’s a Guerilla grow on roughly 1500 acres of property. There’s an open area whew I plan on doing my grow, where there’s plenty of sun exposure. I plan on spreading them out in area but I just worry about the cops.Thanks everyone.