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Topping large plants

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  • Topping large plants

    Hi, my outdoor plants are around 10 feet tall and I was wondering if I could chop around 2 foot off the top without harming them. they are about 2 weeks from flowering, cheers.

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    please don't chop the top unless it's necessary. if my plants got too tall I would just tie a rope around the top and bend them over and stake it to the ground. that will cause the plant to send a lot of buds skyward and double your harvest later on.


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      If left to grow on its own, a cannabis plant will grow vertically, focusing its energy on one main stalk. The result is one long dominant cola with smaller stalks surrounding it. These smaller stalks will produce small, larfy buds that won’t be that good and the overall size and yield of the plant will be small.
      Topping makes a cannabis plant bushier—by cutting off the main stalk, the plant will redirect its energies to the smaller side branches, which will grow out.