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Topping large plants

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  • Topping large plants

    Hi, I have some outdoor plants that are about 10 feet high and a couple of weeks from starting to flower. I was wanting to know if I can chop about 2 foot off the top without harming the plants?

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    Hi Steeveb. Yes you can. With such a short time to go until flower, you may get a slightly reduced yield, but if the plants are strong and healthy they will definitely withstand it and still flower no problem.
    If it's just an issue of height though, have you thought about just bending them over with some LST or supercropping? This will lower the height but still keep all the bud sites...


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      Lol Slightly reduce the yield? Those tops are where the biggest colas would be forming. This is definitely going to stress the plant out and lower yield. If you have to you have to, and the sooner the better.


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        i would just supper crop them or cut the tops and get them to root quickly and plant them to still be able to save the colas on top.