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Harvesting pre-maturely?

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  • Harvesting pre-maturely?

    Hey all,

    We have 3 Super Silver Haze (outdoors) likely going to cut them down this week. All look to be a bit premature, but the risk of further rot and now frost can't be ignored...

    They have started to frost up all over, but most of the plants still have white pistils and doesn't look like any amber trichomes.

    Our thoughts were to just ice water hash the entire crop.

    Would anyone else save the nice looking colas, given they are so under-ripe?

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    I would make cannabutter out of them. I've done this a few times on early plants. The resulting edibles can be quite savage, as in a trippy head rush kind of way. That's how it worked for me anyway.
    Have tried curing and smoking too, and even though you can still get pretty high on them, the smoke can be harsh and rough on the throat, even after a long cure.


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      We chopped 2 of the girls this week. All bud and sugar leaf are bagged and sitting in the freezer in 1lb ziplocks awaiting ice water extraction. We did a fully organic, 'let the plants grow' run this year. And they did have some bugs in with the buds.

      Also, we don't smoke, so these were always going to be processed into some edible form. It seems like bricks of hash are pretty easy to store, so that's our upcoming project.


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        Nice. What sort of edibles do you make? I generally stick to a basic butter recipe and then use that in cookies and cakes., or sometimes just on toast with salt.


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          Personally it's been a spoonful of coco butter to start the day on a weekend. We made this stuff super strong so a table spoon without a meal can have a rapid onset and lasts well over 5 hours then starts to fade.

          For friends and family, certainly desserts are easy, and you can freeze the foods for long-term storage. But we have a goal to get our logo in some form onto chocolate molds, and make those for the upcoming holidays.

          We haven't made a lot of regular lunch/dinner foods as edibles, largely because the potential for oils to be wasted. We'd much rather it be contained in a cookie, chocolate or toast. then have to worry about remains left in serving bowls or on plates, etc.