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Newbie nearing harvest - no magnifier

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  • Newbie nearing harvest - no magnifier

    Hi all, I am new grower with 4 plants of hybrid indica outdoors that I am thinking am nearing harvest. Problem is my magnifier delivery has been delayed so I'm stuck eyeballing readiness and being new it's hard to know when is right time with no previous experience to compare it to.
    Two of the larger plants are definately not ready but the two smaller ones - that get more sunlight - look ready based on online pics I've seen but would appreciate some experienced opinion.
    They have slowed in flower development and don't seem to be getting any bigger.

    Anyone want to weigh in on readiness or if not ready to harvest what else I should be looking for?

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    Really difficult to tell from pics like these, but I would say they are getting there. How long since you flipped to 12/12 and what strain?


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      Are they male plants?


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        Hey Hondaman. These big buds are female flowers. This is what you're looking for. Have a good look at the website and at the internet in general. This is what weed looks like.


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          could have fooled me


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            go on and harvest like a pro, because for a pro, the colour changes borne by the trichomes make it possible