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Plants in flowering, need advice on timing for harvest

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  • Plants in flowering, need advice on timing for harvest

    My plants seem to be edging closer to the final stage, sweet smokeables. But I'm not too clued up on the timings exactly. Would just like to know from some more seasoned growers,how far in and close to the end they are. Pictures taken today. It's skunk as far as I have been told when I got my seeds.

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    Although I'm sure that there are many opinions on when it's ready, I let the color of the tricomes tell me when it's time. I try to wait until I have primarily cloudy, white trics with a few ambers. I use a 30x-60x loupe and it makes it easy to see. Also be aware that it will take at least 30 days to get a cure going after drying...the wait is killing me


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      Hey Haggis.
      Nearly but not quite. a read of this article about when to harvest weed plants.


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        It would be better to mention the age of the plants in weeks. That would help tremendously.