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  • Yellow leaves

    I have grown in pots outside for several years now. There are always leaves that get yellow and fall off, however, this summer, it seems there are more than usual. Is there something I should or should not be doing? It is only August and I have at least another 30-40 days for buds to mature. Thank you in advance.

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    HI LAB. Welcome. These plants seem ok to me. Some yellowing of the lower leaves is normal at this stage, as you know from your own experience.
    If you think that it is getting out of hand then maybe a good nitrogen feed may help. What do you feed them? D you use calmag?


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      Thank you so much for your response. I will try adding calcium. The leaves are just more yellow than previous years. I don't really feed them anything. I start using Miracle Grow and then nothing. I've done this for the past 3 yrs, still learning.


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        I've had a few leaves on bottom that are yellow
        I've been working on a different organics fertilizer.o mix up 4parts to 1 here goes 4 part meal grains 1part kelp 1part bone meal 1part dolomite lime 1 part bat guano 1 part seafood compost mix up and spread on top every 3 weeks during the grow
        I do start the grow with alot of the super recipe that is in the forum.happy grow to all!😎