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    Bat here.i got a grow this summer.all northern lights.i love the one hit wonder.anyway i found a male the tallest I may add.yhe other 4 are all female.they are the seed grow.4out of 5 not bad.i want more seeds;I'm leaving him in.i thought about how this one male will get to the females.tey all are within a give foot range.its up to mother nature's power.hope I have decent results.i really would like to guard at least one.any ideas out there? It's fun each!😂 Latter bat!

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    I would kill the male, that's for sure. He will get to the females, and you will end up with plenty of seeds (probably hundreds), but your yield in great smokable weed will suffer, and you will be sorry if you let that happen. It is a much better idea to just order new great seeds from a good seed bank. You get all the benefits and no trouble. Just my opinion.


    • Bats
      Bats commented
      Editing a comment
      Thanks for the reply.this batch of seeds is so kick ass I hate not to have these seeds.i wish I could more some ladies first
      It's not going to happen.good grow to you hobby anday all the grows be bright.sounds like a Xmas song
      Take care

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    Move the females that is
    Bad spelling on me


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      HI Bats. He will almost definitely pollinate the girls if left alone. If that's what you are going for you should be able to harvest lots of seed. You can increase the chances of pollination by using a soft make up brush and dusting the pollen off the male flowers and spreading it about the females. You may lose some yields this time, but you'll have seeds for years.
      If you have access to an indoor grow room over the winter you could always clone the best NL girl. That way you'll have sinsemillia and the pick of the bunch guaranteed.
      All the best.


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        Thanks for the going to work on the cloning this winter
        This is the best nl o I've had! It's like a trippy high forget about back pain on it!😂