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Should I fertilize again?

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  • Should I fertilize again?

    So I have some tomatoes, peppers and things in my backyard, and they'd been struggling for months when someone gave me a small Marijuana sprout labelled XXX. So I put it on a pot with a whole bunch of my home-made compost, and the thing just immediately exploded upwards in an inspirational drive upwards and outwards, putting all my other plants to shame.

    So being a pot-smoker, I really have no sense of time, but it's been budding... I guess for a few weeks now. Possibly four. The pistils are all kind of white and sticking out. And the little tricomes, from what I can tell with my handy 40X loop, appear to be clear, with some of them white.

    Question is... I really haven't added any more compost since I started. Should I add more, or just leave it alone?

    And does anyone know anything about this strain called XXX? It might have been XX... can't recall...

    Thanks in advance, I love this. I couldn't possibly smoke all this bud in one year, but having fun doing this...

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    Dont mess with success, they are doing well leave them alone. Over fertilizing plants is very common and is probably worse than under fertilizing.


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      I'm with canbethewicked. It sounds like your plant is doing fine.
      It is at the stage where it normally requires most feed so next time you're feeding your tomatoes, maybe just give it a wee drop, but you sound very happy with what's going on so don't meddle too much.
      What was in the compost you put it in?