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Dumme's Aeroponic-Soil-Aquaponic Adventure

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  • Dumme's Aeroponic-Soil-Aquaponic Adventure

    Room1 1/2 new Cobs in room1 Custom Smartpot of Aeroponic-Soi hybrid

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        Clone/seedling/tank & filter room.
        Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
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          Nice pics Dumme. Can we get some more info on your set up?


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            Originally posted by Saturnalia View Post
            Nice pics Dumme. Can we get some more info on your set up?
            No problem. Im still trying to figure out this forum.

            My system is currently about 1300gal, pushed by a beast of a pump, running at 5100gph, but when I finish construction she'll be around 2000-2500gal.
            I started this build in 2015, and while it took some time to cycle and dial in, its pretty much there now, other than having to adjust to new rooms being built.

            I stalk Brook & Rainbow Trout, but since theyre out of season, I had to supplement with Shubunkins.

            Fish only supply the Nitrogen, and all large fruiting plants need a full spectrum of nutrients; some come from the fish feed, but many require you to supplement like iron.

            I don't use conventional nutrient pre-mixes.
            I do use:
            -"City" Tap Water (+8.1pH and up, no RO filter)
            -Organic Fish Feed (Aquaorganic brand)
            -FeEDDHA or FeDTPA (iron)
            -Organic Rock Phosphate
            -Organic Potassium Sulfate
            -OMRI Calcium Sulfate
            -Food grade Magnesium Sulfate
            -Organic Silica
            -Borax Soap
            -Worm Castings

            I also modified my system to include hardware to add small amounts of nutrients, as man does on nature.
            Things I've use in my plumbing:
            -Copper PEX crimp ring (Copper)
            -Galvanized Steel couplings (Zinc)

            And only in emergencies...
            -Muriatic Acid (pH down)
            -Phosphoric Acid (pH down)
            -Potassium Hydroxide (pH up)

            Target chemistry:

            pH: 6.4-6.8
            Ammonia: 0.0ppm
            Nitrites: 0.0ppm
            Nitrates: 20-50ppm
            Phosphate: 15-50ppm
            Potassium: 50-200ppm
            Calcium: 25-150ppm
            Magnesium: 10-50ppm
            Sulfur: 15-50ppm
            Iron (Fe): 1-3ppm
            Boron: 0.1-0.5ppm
            Manganese: 0.5-1.0ppms
            Zinc: 0.25-0.3ppms
            Molybdenum: 0.01-0.02ppms
            Copper: 0.025-0.05ppms
            Silica: 120-150ppm

            I use different methods from, Hanna's colourimeters to API & Salifert testers and Bluelab's EC meters. Hach and LaMotte also make some good equipment. My nutrients have wide spreads because of the timing involved in each grow; and of course trade secrets


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              Nice. That's very interesting. Thanks for sharing. I have a plan for an aquaponics system but it will be in the future. We plan on moving to the country in a couple of years time. I'll keep this as a reference though and look forward to any future posts you make. Am very intrigued by this kind of set up.


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                Nice Dumme,,

                I'm a newbie and still trying to figure out timing


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                  Not my best grow, but I'm loving these Cree COB's

                  1 x 300watt light = 435 grams @ ~1.45gpw



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                    Hello Everyone

                    Thanks for sharing your pics with us, Actually I also want to grow Cannabis in my garden area and your idea helped me a lot. If you want to give me any suggestion regards this , please suggest me .