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Organic and soil mixing

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  • Organic and soil mixing

    I am getting ready for my first grow and was wondering what ratio do I use in my soil. I have Fox Farm Ocean organic and just have to go get some soil.Thanks for the help.

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    I use and recommend:

    - 40% Fox Farm Ocean Forest
    - 40% Canna Coco or any Coco Coir
    - 20% Perlite

    Mix it up and use as needed. I like to keep some stored in 5 gallon buckets for when I need it. Good luck.


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      If it works for you, go for it JWM2! However, I wouldn’t call this “organic” growing. I don’t mean to sound picky or critical at all, except that I can only imagine what’s in : ”Fox Farm Ocean Forest” :west coast soil? And coco? Isn’t that crushed coconut husks? Perlite is the only thing I recognize and use.
      The other products are imported. I don’t use imported stuff because of shipping charges and because it comes from a whole different climate zone than me. I’m from Ontario, Canada and moved out to BC 20 years ago. Now I have a 5000 plant operation in summer greenhouses and a converted winterized old gold mine shaft in the BC Rocky Mountains. As you might have heard, BC forests grow some of the biggest oldest Trees in the world. As our soil base, we use the same virgin soil the trees use. Then I add: *earthworm casings. *perlite (Perlite is an amorphous volcanic glass that has a relatively high water content and I use BC volcanic perlite) , *Sunshine mix peat moss from BC (this company has natural peat farms all over Canada) *(good)Microbes and that’s it.
      Here’s the thing a lot of new growers don’t know is that you can reuse your soil! As long as you’ve been growing healthy and have no molds or fungus. This for us is true organic soil. Organic growing is important to us because all our customers depend on us for all their medical and recreational marijuana needs. The only things we use that aren’t organic is our grow lights in winter, 10gal drilled out buckets for growing pots and our trusty automated dry Tom’s Tumble Trimmers. We use these trimming machines because they don’t cut our Buds with blades and instead use a medical/food-grade mesh solid material to tumble our Buds. The tumbling does the trimming as the Buds bump each other as they tumble in the non-organic mesh. We love it because the mesh (even though it ain’t organic) is a solid patented food/medical-grade material and NOTHING and I mean nothing sticks to it, so it leaves all our organically produced powerful resins and trichomes on our potent Buds where they belong. Because nothing stick to them our Tom’s don’t need cleaning or maintenance and never break down.
      A lot of newbie growers think soil breaks down and becomes unusable after one harvest. But like I said, if you keep your soil healthy, you can grow in it over and over! When you’ve got 5000 plants in multiple harvests every year, this is a key factor to our success. If you’re just a hobby, personal grower, risk a new batch of seeds and try this if your growing skills are good. It won’t be a risk, cause when you see your amazing results, you’ll be glad I told you!