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Potting soil vs garden soil

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  • Potting soil vs garden soil

    This might sound like a dumb question but which is better to use on your first grow

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    Hey Paul, if it was me I would use a good bag soil like Ocean forest or Happy Frog, both by fox farms. When you use soil from the garden you have no idea what problems are in the soil. If it's your first grow I would think that you would want to start off as problem free as possible. Later when you understand all the parameters involved you may be able to use garden soil. Good luck, Mike PS hope this helped.


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      I agree with Mega. Buy a good brand of potting soil (the cheaper brands are often full of thrips). Don't forget to add perlite or vermiculite too.


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        I use a very simple soil mix and it works great. Here it is:

        40% Fox Farm Ocean Forest (or happy frog if you want)
        40% Canna Coco or any Coco Coir
        20% Perlite - Add more or less depending on how much drainage you want - Also works to keep the soil from clumping

        This will feed your plants for the first 3+ weeks without the need for additional ferts. It's also not so hot that it'll burn seedlings or freshly rooted clones. However after 3-4 weeks you'll want to introduce your ferts.


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          I also like to make up a soil with plenty of nutes in it for a good start. I generally go for a mix of
          good quality potting compost
          blood fish and bone
          worm castings
          wood bark
          volcanic minerals


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            Heres my go to dirt, to this i add abt 10% coarse perlite and about 3lbs of coco coir.


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              Thank you this is great information.

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            Our indoor grows are 100% coco coir. I would recommend that route if you have the option.

            But for our outdoor runs. We like to make the composition a mix of Costco brand potting soil and coco coir.

            2/3's potting soil (this included slow release nutrients)
            1/3 coco coir

            We went this way because it was cost effective. We are not unpleased with the grow that resulted this season.


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              Am very interested in using coco coir, that's something I'd like to investigate when I get my grow room back up and running.