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I am a beginer and my plant needs nitrogen.

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  • I am a beginer and my plant needs nitrogen.

    I am just figuring this out. My plant needs nitrogen and the only things I have are poop (mine or a dogs) I have some period blood, and coffee beans. What should I do?

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    Hi mate,
    if you can't get proper fertilizer and really need nitrogen, I'd suggest you use (dog's or your own) WEE (urine), but it MUST be DILUTED big time, I would suggest you start with 1 part of urine and 15 parts of water, maybe even more diluted. Otherwise you will burn your plant!
    The decision is to be made weather to use your own, or dog's urine, but the choice is easy: If anyone of you is using any medications (prescription drugs), DO NOT USE that urine ever.
    Regarding poop, that should be composted before usage, although normally people use cow, sheep or horse poop as fertilizer (called manure), not dogs', cats' or humans' poop.
    In any case, I wouldn't want (to know) I'm smoking anything that has been fed with human poop.... but that's just me I guess ;-)
    PS: I never tried the above recommendation, so it'd be good if you come back and let us know if it worked.


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      Hey Dude, are you for real or what? You poop on your plants? Period Blood? You must be joking or like, what century are you from? Are you short on cash and can’t buy a good organic plant food or you just heard plants live on nitrogen from your turds?

      Plants need nitrogen (N) AND phosphorus (P) AND potassium (NPK) in the right proportions. All plants need a mix of these nutrients with Nitrogen as the main one. Human (animal) URINE will be your main source of Nitrogen NOT poop but you can’t just piss on your plants or poop on ‘em either directly or you’ll burn the hell out of them.

      I wouldn’t advise you to experiment with organic growing unless you’ve got your facts straight first. To experiment you should have a “control” grow where you know what you’re doing and have successfully grown to harvest consistently. Beside it, start your experimental grow and record everything you do! At least if you screw up your experimental plants you’ll have your control to fall back on.

      To grow organic successfully, your organic plant food can come with a correct mix of soil, compost and microbes. Microbes allow your plants to take up and use the organic nutrition in your soil/compost mix. Compost can come from fish scraps, animal, human or bird poop. (Can’t we say ‘shit’ on this forum?) and urine but must be mixed and aged for at least a year before you use it. After its aged you mix it with the correct amount of soil. I’ve been growing like this for so long, I can’t tell you the exact amount ratios any more cause I just mix ‘instinctively’, but your neighbourhood garden supply centre will tell you exactly what you need. If you do it right, it works great for outdoor and greenhouse grows.

      Please don’t try this at home and indoors or you’ll stink up the joint and open yourself up to mould infections.

      The best plant fertilizer for me is my aquarium waste water: my fish poop in the water, it sinks to the bottom gravel and begins to break down. Once a week I use a special siphon to stick right into the bottom gravel with the larger wide end first. This will suck up the decayed fish waste with the rotten water and leave your fish gravel clean. I replace the dirty water I’ve removed with clean fresh water at the right pH my fish love (and my plants LOVE TOO!). I then water with this excellent water/nutrition waste mix directly into my plant soil (or Coco Coir if you prefer) for excellent results every time. And it doesn’t smell up my indoor or greenhouse grows!

      I have several 100gallon fish tanks going but you can do this on a small scale too.

      Back to poop and pee: ever been out to the country about this time of year? Pig, horse, chicken and cattle ranchers bulldoze pens of shit into large 15 foot piles and let it compost for a year and then spread it on their grazing fields and let it sink in for a season before putting their animals on it the next season so they’re eating lush grass and the cycle repeats definitely!

      But you CAN NOT use this same system in your house or you’ll have a major sanitation problem.

      Learn how to set up a big fish tank and you’ll be off to the races!

      Experiment with what ever you choose but always have a little control grow that you know with store bought organic nutrients for veg and grow. Experimenting is the only way to really learn!

      After I got really into big commercial grows I started buying these expensive automated trimming machines thinking they’d speed up my hand-trimming process and they did for a while but these machines turned into an “experiment” because they didn’t last without breaking down or at least needing time consuming maintenance and cleaning and I just bought a different brand to see how that would work so I was experimenting with these trimmers too. Eventually I found a Toms Tumble Trimmer and my auto-trimmer machine experimentation stopped there! Now I got 5! These TTT’s don’t break down and don’t need any lengthy maintenance procedures, just a squirt of hemp oil or ‘Pam’ spray on the zippers. They’ve all been going strong like brand new for years and now I don’t have to blow any more money on experimenting. And all my TTT’s together cost me a fraction of what ONE of the expensive bladed trimmers cost me!

      So please, always have a “Control” grow when you’re experimenting with a second grow where you try out all your organic fertilizers you mix and create yourself. You’ll have failure, but if you stick at it and record all you do and analyze you won’t repeat the same mistakes. And if you wanna use your girlfriend’s period juice and whatever other weird shit you got, go for it and learn! Just don’t do it inside.

      And honestly, if you wanna skip the expensive, lengthy experimentation, try my aquarium idea; its time tested, proven and true!

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    Haha! Good answer HobbyGardener. Urine is good. Poop from humans or any carnivorous animals is bad and full of pathogens. It needs to be rotted right down.
    Not sure about coffee beans, but the used grounds are useful.


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      You can use a poop of Dogs, like COW RANCH. Go there and collect some cows wastage for proper fertilizer.
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        lol..some proper crude ideas, they may work maybe


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          Can't be real! Read there's plenty of information out there..


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