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I am a beginer and my plant needs nitrogen.

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  • I am a beginer and my plant needs nitrogen.

    I am just figuring this out. My plant needs nitrogen and the only things I have are poop (mine or a dogs) I have some period blood, and coffee beans. What should I do?

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    Hi mate,
    if you can't get proper fertilizer and really need nitrogen, I'd suggest you use (dog's or your own) WEE (urine), but it MUST be DILUTED big time, I would suggest you start with 1 part of urine and 15 parts of water, maybe even more diluted. Otherwise you will burn your plant!
    The decision is to be made weather to use your own, or dog's urine, but the choice is easy: If anyone of you is using any medications (prescription drugs), DO NOT USE that urine ever.
    Regarding poop, that should be composted before usage, although normally people use cow, sheep or horse poop as fertilizer (called manure), not dogs', cats' or humans' poop.
    In any case, I wouldn't want (to know) I'm smoking anything that has been fed with human poop.... but that's just me I guess ;-)
    PS: I never tried the above recommendation, so it'd be good if you come back and let us know if it worked.


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      Haha! Good answer HobbyGardener. Urine is good. Poop from humans or any carnivorous animals is bad and full of pathogens. It needs to be rotted right down.
      Not sure about coffee beans, but the used grounds are useful.


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        You can use a poop of Dogs, like COW RANCH. Go there and collect some cows wastage for proper fertilizer.
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          lol..some proper crude ideas, they may work maybe