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Organic aqua-ponic auto-flower cheese.... thoughts?

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  • Organic aqua-ponic auto-flower cheese.... thoughts?

    Ok gang, so I won the cola contest, seeds have arrived, THANK YOU to the Vault! for the generous donation of seeds and a shirt...

    Now, here is what I have going right now in the 'garden' My germination 'closet' is an aqua-ponics system. I just germinated 6 seeds, 2 together a few weeks ago, then 4 more last week. The new ones are just now putting on the first set of leaves. The first two I just moved into the new room, with 900 watts of 5watt LED over a modified Dutch Bucket Ebb Flo system that I have been putting together over the last year.

    The way this system is set up, I germinate the seeds in paper towel, then drop them directly into the clay stone pebbles of the grow media. Nothing else, no rockwool, no dirt, no perlite, nothing but the baked clay pebbles. Now, with an auto-flower, my question is this, will they be ok with the one time transplant, where I 'float' them out of the original 3 inch net pot, and go into the 5 gallon bucket system? I also have one set up to run as a dual root zone to test some fish safe aqua-ponics specific nutrients for High times. But that's a different story for now... In the meantime, most people say not to transplant auto-flowers, I was just wondering if anyone had experience with them in full hydroponics setups and if there is anything I need to be mindful of... or do I need to just start them in the full size bucket and work from there? Also, should I use rockwool or a small root ball of soil? I do have the ability with my new system to isolate root zones, top to bottom. Meaning I can top feed and let that drain to waste, while the plant is installed in the running ebb/flow setup... (took about a year to work out most of the kinks in that!)

    Anyway, should be popping at least one of the auto's as soon as I make the call on weather it can be transplanted once in the clay media...

    As an after thought, anyone know why I can't super stress an auto and cause it too hermie, in order to generate seeds? Would most likely waste that plant, but I wonder if the seeds would be worth the effort?

    TYIA for any help and a quick pic of the new portable bucket system. These buckets are designed so that I can move them around at will, as long as they are all roughly the same height, the system works, hope that when I move outside, I can set this up with racks for my pepper plants, 20 at a time or so....


    Little closer shot of the plants that I put in today, Roma Tomato and Beefsteak, with 2 of my personal seeds from a plant that hermied last summer

    Wish me luck!

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    Very interesting to say the least and yes good luck bro all the best to you.