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Organic hydroponics?

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  • Organic hydroponics?

    I want to eat and or juice raw cannabis leaves for medicinal purposes. I'm curious if there is a good organic solution for hydroponics or do I need to use soil. I'm not sure about eating leaves from regular hydroponics...

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    I got a friend growing with goldfish as the source of nutients, if you can get over the fact that your nutrient is actually fish poop (organic) its all good... I am going to mess with that this winter for my whole gro (lots of other plants besides cannabis) There are some organic hydroponic nutrients on the market however, if you are more interested in the CBD's of the leaf, look for organic lettuce nutrients, high in nitrates... And I would recommend 'cooking' your leaf, not just eating it... but that is the method to get the THC to 'react' properly (long chemical story, readers digest, pre-heat/dry the product BEFORE cooking with it...) But if you are not after the THC, you should be able to skip that step? As far as I know, the only ASDA certified organic hydroponic systems, are aquaponic systems, goldfish... It is a bit more complicated using fish as the nutrient source, but it is being done... I think my one buddy is running 6 or so little fish for 4 plants? Does not take many fish, just takes some time to get the water right. There are a few steps to go through and you will almost certainly need water testing ability for nitrite AND nitrate concentrations... I would recommend checking out your local Hydro store for an organic solution off the shelf. Bit more spendy, but you no not actually need THAT much for just a few plants... I have been dropping my concentrations of nutrients to get to the range of an aquaponic system for a few months now? Typical hydro systems run from 700-1400 PPM where Aquaponic systems run closer to 100 PPM or less.


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      Yes aquaponics is my answer to go organic. I will start converting over.
      So it's been about a week since I started eating/juicing and I feel better than ever. I can function all day with little to no pain (eat small amounts few times a day), my mind is clear and I have my focus back. That was a pleasant surprise. Also noticed my energy levels have been increasing daily. Maybe due to the good sleep I'm finally getting. I wish I could have tried this medicine years ago.