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A Great Reason to Go Organic - Pesticides

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  • A Great Reason to Go Organic - Pesticides

    This is a major reason why I've decided to go organic in my growing: pesticide abuse. I feel naive for getting anything from dispensaries and trusting it would be pesticide-free simply because it's labelled organic. It seems like growing your own organic crop is the only sage option.
    States where marijuana is legal are grappling with issues of harmful pesticides and a government unwilling to regulate an industry it never permitted.

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    I'm with you. I also enjoy growing lots of veg which is all organic. At first I was adding all sorts of chemicals to my weed growing and then I thought, why should I treat it any differently? My other plants grow great with organics, and now so does my weed too. I'm not a good enough grower to be able to do a head to head organic V chemical trial. But I don't really care if I get a bit less or a bit more. I get plenty and it works well and tastes great and I know exactly what's in it. That's more than good enough for me. ;-)


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      I hear you, Saturnalia. I'm really only growing for myself so I too don't need to worry so much about a lighter yield. It's still plenty for me!


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        I'm with that I'm doing my first indoor all natural everything plant amazing a little leaf burn dut all recover nicely


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          Ive always for 40 +yrs outdoors grown organically and now with my new indoor hobby also 100% organically.


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            What the recipe I use here in North East a blend of seaweed compost kelp meal bone meal worm castings little lime blood meal mix in the pro mix so far so good I do want to add some of that bat guano I have not gotten yet also a little of my own compost

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          If I miss something someone fill me in on anyiss ingredients thanks for this mix is fantastic in my indoor grow which is two xxl autos which are flowering couple regular northern lights lemon haze Jack her and special Kush they will be outside middle of may spring fever at its best here