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    I want to grow all-organic going forward after my first grow. I'm thinking soil growth is the only way that will work for me but I'm just curious about other organic growers' experiences with mediums. Do you always do soil or is there another method I should be open to? Any medium tips for a new guy? Thanks!

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    Hi GM. The mix I currently use is Levingtons compost mixed with about 30% perlite. I mix this up in a big bucket and add a couple of handfuls of worm castings, a couple of handfuls blood/fish/bone, a couple of handfuls chipped wood bark and a handful of volcanic minerals. All these products are cheap and easily available from the garden centre, except the worm castings which I make myself (I have a wormery). I sometimes add a handful of bat guano at the start of flowering.
    With all of this available in the soil it is not necessary to feed all of the time like it is with Coco or similar inert medium.
    It's working OK for me.


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      This sounds like a perfect place to start! Thanks so much, Saturnalia!