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  • home made root stimulant

    Hello All, anyone here in the organic section make their own root stimulant ? I've been reading and reading on the net and really have not found anything other than stuff made from willow bark. I can't find a willow tree to date. I did find a recipe made with lentil water and ground lentil sprouts. I really don't want to use a commercial made root stimulant... I'm crazy for sure, but thought I'd ask.
    TIA crazy

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    I heard that some use honey to stimulate cuttings - slo


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      Thanks slo-han, here is what I got from members in a organic grow forum: "Use aloe or aleo combined with kelp tea, one receives the benefits of growth hormones, trace elements, and enzymes that serve to produce rapid root growth. This mixture is especially beneficial when used on seeds, seedlings, and new transplants."

      Here's a recipe for making "instant" kelp tea that stores in the 'fridge'. It allows one to mix up small batches whenever you want without having to worry about bubbling the stuff for 24+ hours...
      thanks to waktoo and BirchPlease from GC organic forums


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        I had heard honey was effective too, but never tried it.
        Willow is the answer really. You sure you don't have any growing nearby? Have a look in some wet areas like along river banks. Town parks and wildlife areas often use willow in their plantings (at least in the UK they do).
        t's easy to get lots of willow shoots and chop them up and sit them in hot water for a few days. The active ingredient in willow is indolebutyric acid and this can break down above certain temps (forget how hot exactly) so do not boil.


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          Well, how about that, I also use kelp sauce. Have never dipped the shoots but I put it in a spray and mist the shoots. Seems to work for me. I have willow on my property around the pond and have to say I've never applied them for any root stims - will have to put that on my list to do - slo