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Growing Indoor Weed Organically

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  • Growing Indoor Weed Organically

    GARDEN STYLE: indoor vertical lighting
    GROWING MEDIUM/SOIL Living Fertilisers „Green Thumb Formula“ GROW and BLOOM mixed with Canna Terra Professional potting mix
    POT/CONTAINER SIZE repotted up to 85 Liter pots
    LIGHTING & WATTAGE: Full spectrum lighting. 8 x 600 watts
    TOTAL FLOWERING TIME: 9 - 11weeks
    TOTAL YIELD: 14 pds
    NUTRIENT/ Living Fertilisers „Green Thumb Formula“ GROW and BLOOM
    FEED MIX & FEEDING CYCLES: used only water for the complete cycle.

    I would like to share my experience of growing indoor weed organically. My sister was diagnosed with cancer and wanted to try cannabis tincture as a treatment. She was told by the tincture man that he would only make it out of organic weed.The only problem with that is the organic bush weed is not a very high quality and is not available when you really want it.

    I started to visit every hydro shop i could find, but was told that it is not possible to grow indoors organically without chemicals. Hyalite on the gold coast gave me some hope!! They supply a new product called “living fertiliser green thumb formula”. Its 100% organic, the ingredients look amazing! So off I went and had a friend set up my room to grow just 5 or 6 plants.He was very doubtful of any success.

    Check out the included pics……Unbelievable was my friends response . And its so easy, just follow the instructions, mix the organic fertiliser 10 : 1 with a good potting mix. I used the Canna Terra Professional. Through the whole grow and flower stages i only had to water with NO ADDITIVES.

    The tincture man said the finished product was the best he has seen and had more thc than anything he has seen before.!! The strains I used were Apollo 13, Amnesia Haze, De la Haze and Kali Mist.

    You gotta try this stuff!!!

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    Hi Aggame,
    Nice to have you with us. You have a nice set up there I myself grow organically inside and you can mix up your own fertilizers so that you can grow good medication indoors organically without using additives. I myself mix my own soil to where I do not have to add additives to my soil mix. It is just a add water through the whole grow mix unless I add a tea or two to help rebuild up my micro herd in the soil.


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      Nice to see Aggame, they look great. Glad to here that the man doing your shatter was so impressed with THC levels! Good luck, mega nute


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        Lovely looking set up and grow you have there.
        You have been massively misinformed about the ability to grow indoors organically. I did it for many years with great success and have seen literally dozens of other successful organic grows with my own eyes. Organics is all about having good soil fauna, but you don't seem to need any help.
        It's a buzz knowing that the medicine you give your sister is free from additives and unnecessary chemicals.
        Well done. Keep up the good work.