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5lb/10lb plant can it be done indoors in a tent?

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  • 5lb/10lb plant can it be done indoors in a tent?

    Ive been watching some videos on utube and seen 10lb plants grown outdoors i couldnt believe what i was seeing it was crazy these monsters had to be grown from the cannabis gods...Any ways my Question is...Has any one here ever grown a 5lb or 10lb monster indoors in a tent?If so what is the secret and what size tent do you need just to grow one hope you share this info but if not i completely understand a secret is a secret.

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    I reckon that's a tall order indoors in a tent. Not saying it can't be done, It's just I reckon you need sunlight for that kind of performance.
    Indoors I think your best chance would be with a massive SCROG and months of veg.


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      If your looking for that amount of week it would be much easier growing four or six. I got 24ounce of a monster trainwreck plant once but I had to grow it for months and months (about 7 of I remember correctly) before putting it into flouring. Much more time and cost effective to grow 6 plants. Plus it's gutting to put all your time and attention into one plant then have it develop problems, or mould, or just give a disapointing yield. You know what they say about putting all your eggs in one basket. If you want to try it just for the novelty factor then cool but you will need a really tall grow tent and about a year in veg state. Lol
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        Growing a plant that big indoors would be very difficult and not cost effective. You would defo have to scrog it and then keep it in veg stage for months. These size plants that produce 5-10lbs are grown outdoors under the sun and only then if your in a position that provides constant sunlight every day all days. If your a grower in the UK then its probably not possible unless you started the plant indoors, got her to a very decent size and then moved her outdoors to a very sunny spot. Again, a lot of time and effort just to see if you can do it from 1 plant.


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          Hi there I know a grower here in UK who gets on average 16 - 18 ozs per plant indoors and it aint that easy, G.G. you probaly know him being UK Heath Robbinson, but the man is a genius. Also got another friend who grows and prides himself on the yields he achieves with LST and Plenty of brutality lmao