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    Has anyone experimenting peeing on the plants? Human urine is sterile and free from bacteria, and also has creatinin nitrogen, creatinin, uric acid nitrogen, ammonia nitrogen, amino nitrogen, among other things.

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    Urine is great and an excellent source of nitrogen. I piss on my compost heap.
    However I think peeing directly onto your plants could cause nutrient burn. I guess if you really wanted to use it then you would need to dilute it but then that would require handling etc...

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      Hey GreanyMeany!

      You left the door open 4 this one, I wouldn't tell anyone, that I pissed, anywhere near my plants., or on anything that goes into my plants.

      "Urinating on cannabis plants replenishes lost nutrients." Despite how bad this sounds, it's actually true (to an extent). Urine (diluted), with water reportedly replenishes a (few) nutrients, the most notable one being nitrogen.

      With that being said, there are many cheap, effective, and readily available means of giving your plants nitrogen without involving urine. Additionally, these other methods allow you to control exactly how much nitrogen you're giving your plant while the amount contained in urine is determined by several factors and is extremely difficult to measure. The dumb~ass growers, who use urine to feed their plants, end up giving them nutrient burn with it. And you~all are smoking those plants, as well. YUK!

      I don't know about you, but nutrient burn due to urine seems much worse (psychologically) than the standard variety. Just say'in.
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        I'm with you sir. Pissing on the compost heap is one thing but......
        Nutrient burn due to urine would be a difficult one to explain. And can you imagine having some friends round for a toke and dropping that one on them....?
        I'm reminded of the famous Cheech and Chong scene where they are smoking Labrador... "Yeah, my dog ate my stash"

        Man this weed is piss!

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          Yup! that would be funny. To see the look on their faces, when U told them. ha ha. They probably would be all loaded, and laugh till it set~in, then laugh some more. If your growing good smoke, that is. If not, then they would be all (pissed)~off.
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            haha seriously, when i first time tried it, i was all craziest person in the world. the thing is i did not know


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              Fresh human urine is sterile and so free from bacteria. In fact it is so sterile that it can be drunk when fresh; it’s only when it is older than 24 hours that the urea turns into ammonia, which is what causes the 'wee' smell. If you can get over the ewwww factor, pee-cycling your own urine into the garden makes good sense.


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                Reminds me of the time a friend and I planted a big crop of Panama red seeds - we hauled a bunch of chicken poop and saw dust and lime out in the woods and grew one hell of a crop - we called it Road Island Red. Tripped my bud out when I told him "Hey, this tastes like sh--! - got a good laugh it his facial expression!


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                  If you lived in such and area that was so remote and could not get fertilizer, then and only then, would you take 1/2 cup of urine to a gallon of water. I've seen that being done before! Good luck! Mega


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                    This is good news for me, as I plan on putting a few plants into a fenced off section of my back yard this summer and the dogs pee all over it now.... should have plenty of nitrogen built up by the time they go in! I will say this, having had dogs kill plants, no direct applications of this concentrated nutrient