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a single bud's pistils turning brown?

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  • a single bud's pistils turning brown?

    I have a Super Lemon Haze that has been flowering since NOV 4. as of Dec 6th she has developed very nicely except a single bud on the tip of a random side branch seems to have her white pistil turning brown. This is also accompanied by some leaf burning.
    No her lights are not the cause. the bud is the furthest from any light.
    I gave her Fox Farms Big bloom 3 days ago, no water yesterday, and straight water today.
    The mix for the Big Bloom was 2 table spoons per 1 gallon of water.
    she drinks about a half gallon of water when she is watered.
    I am thinking maybe its the big bloom causing the leaf damage.
    The leaf damage is only on the same branch as the bud in question.
    but the bud started a couple days before I fed her the big bloom.
    Any thoughts on this would be appreciated