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Best/Quickest Method For Indoor Commercial Grow

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  • Schmokin
    Ebb and flow flood trays, sea of green.
    If you're only motivation is profit then you'll want some fast flowering indicas.
    2 weeks in a clone room. 2 - 3 weeks in veg, 8 weeks flower.
    Don't forget time to dry and cure. You'll need a dedicated drying area and you'll want to allow at least a month for drying and curing if you don't want to be selling an inferior product.

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  • Best/Quickest Method For Indoor Commercial Grow

    Lets say you have as much comcercial space as you need and budget is not a real issue, you have about 60k or more to work with...what would be the simplest and quickest method for growing high quality indoor weed? My thoughts have been on sea of green...but please elaborate on what your suggested method would be step by step, and what the expected time frame would be..I am under the impression that the quickest a yield could be expected would be 3 months time start to finish...with sea of green about two weeks for vegging and 6-8 flowering...not to mention cloning which is another week or two..again space is no issue and neither is budget so what is my best option given these factors for quickest grow and best quality/high yields...Any and all input is greatly appreciated!
    Looking forward to hearing ideas