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  • First time grow any suggestions

    Hey guys, First time grower here , just flipped the switch on my girlies to 12/12 7 days ago, Basically just wanting to know your guys opinions on a ROUGH GUESSTIMATE to expect by the information i've given like worst yield too expect/best. I know there are shit ton of circumstances that effect this but assuming everything is spot on from ROH to PH/PPM . Im growing 6x grandaddy purples in 30L coco pots with synthetic nuets ph to 5.8-6.0 using 1x600watt hps 1x600watt led(160 true watts) 760 true watts total in 2/3rds of a 4x8 tent. They have been lstd since a young age so plenty of tops for the size.
    Before trim/scrog

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    Hi Tokeycones. Welcome. And Happy new year to you.
    This set up looks awesome. If this is a first time grow then I say you're doing really well.
    I wonder if you'll get anyone to commit to taking a guess at your yield. As you say yourself, you know that there are just too many variables to take a good guess.
    I'd be happy with 2 oz dried per plant.


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      Hey Man those flowers are nice, like you I am about to start out. I have a new big tent with lights. I am hoping to grow big . I will let you know. But can I ask for help at times?


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        Hey Cookjnr. Welcome.
        If you have any questions give them a topic of their own in the relevant section. They're more likely to get seen like that.