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Leaves curling up and down

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  • Leaves curling up and down

    Hi, I’m entering week 4 on some jack flash 5, and some of the leaves are curling up and down. I am using an almost neutral soil, (humus, worm castings,promix pert, red lava. Nectar of the gods nutrients and boogie brew compost tea, 2, 750 watt hps on light movers. Temp is fine 80 degrees, and there are no bugs, plenty of air flow and I have been foliaring with tea and some other nice stuff. I water about 1 liter to 2 liters every 3-4 days the pots are Tupperware tubs they have 20 gallons of dirt, so is it that maybe there is a drainage issue and I need to raise the tubs a little off the ground to allow more run off, I don’t think I’m over watering. Could it be that they were a little too close to the light because it appears to be on only the taller plants, I’m pretty sure it was the light but, root problems also show this way. Any suggestions? Thanks brothas , and sistas

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    HI Teddy. Welcome.
    Hard to say without seeing pics. Curling leaves can sometimes be over watering and if you think you possibly have a drainage problem then maybe that is it.
    Are you sure the soil is proper dried out before you water?
    Are there any signs of burn on the leaf tips?
    When you say they curl both up and down, do you mean on the same leaf?

    Photos would be invaluable.


    • Teddy Garcia
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      No I mean one leaf from the same plant curling up then the other downwards, drainage is good, dry before watering. I’ve never seen leaves curling up and down when it’s over watering. I could be too much notes maybe , there is no yellowing at all except of course in the bottom of the plants as they have gotten bigger(totally normal). So you can see in the fotos maybe you have to look well it’s not super bad, but the leaves should have no curl, except at night when they sleep you know normally, let me know if you can see anything from the fotos, thanks again good buddy

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    Do you have anything in the soil for drainage? Like perlite? If not you may want to invest in a bag. I bought a rather large bag at the hydro shop recently for about $17. Should last me for quite some time. Anyhow good drainage is crucial as the roots like to grow and perlite helps keep the soil from getting compact after watering.

    Too much dirt can be detrimental to young plants as it often leads to overwatering. Which is why I like to start in smaller pots and go into larger containers as they grow. It helps them utilize the moisture and allows for them to dry out between waterings. Of course you can do this with larger containers too it’s just a little trickier.
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      Ok so I am now entering week 5 I have some fotos, but my iPad doesn’t have a very good camera so look closely and also the plants were sleeping so it’s a little less obvious, and it not all of the plants and it’s only the very top of the plants. Thanks again universe love you guys


      • gbauto
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        Overall, looks good. Perhaps a bit heavy on Nitrogen in your feed. I will run my girls close to N tox during early flower and then back concentration way down to finish.

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      It must be very subtle. These plants look very healthy to me....