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  • First Grow (Indoor) - Sativa

    Hi this is my first grow and first post. I've been learning so much from this forum but I've come to a roadblock. I wanted to try this out so I germinated a few bag seeds to get my feet wet. Looks like this is a Sativa but so far I have zero signs of preflower and im on my 11th week of the grow. I switched to 12/12 from 18/6 on week 8 thinking I would force her to flower. So far nothing has happened. She's gone through a few defoliation's already, topped twice, and is currently under LST. I hope im making sense lol.

    Made a simple 3' x 4' grow box with a mixture of LED grow bulbs (3pcs) and 6500k Bulbs (5pcs). I have one 4" intake fan and a 4" exhaust fan. Jumped in the box to check for any light leaks light and its pitch black. Substrate is a 50/50 mixture of coco coir and homemade vermicompost. No chemical fertilisers

    The seeds are from locally grown outdoor cannabis from the Philippines. I've read that equatorial sativa may veg for 3-4 months before showing flower (probably not the best strain for my first indoor grow lol). Just wanted to get an opinion if im doing this correctly. I am open to any comments or feedback to this grow. Thankyou in advanced!!! Cheers
    Week 11 since germ. No signs of preflower??

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    Hi yuckymuffins. Welcome to our forum.
    You seem to be doing everything right.
    I've never been sure how equatorial plants respond to photoperiod. It's something I've wondered about before. They must have a different system with no great change in daylight length to respond to. I'd be very interested to find out. In the meantime, if it were me, I'd just keep waiting, and training, I would imagine there's going to be a lot of stretching and a long flowering period here and you might struggle to keep her contained in your box.
    Please let us know how this turns out. I really want to know.


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      I've always wondered about photoperiod in the tropics too. Hope you get a reply to this....