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Diagnostic help, can't resolve yellow spots on autoflower in LP Aero

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  • Diagnostic help, can't resolve yellow spots on autoflower in LP Aero

    I am on day 25 (from sprout) of a feminized autoflower grow in a Low Pressure Aeroponics system.
    I have 2 plants, 1 is an auto blue dream that is doing wonderful and the other is an auto magnum that I just can't figure out what is happening.
    The magnum has these yellow spots that I really thought were from PH fuctuations, as I was gone for a few days during week 1 and 2 and my PH had dropped really low.
    I have been very attentive to making sure they have stayed right around the 5.7 to 6.0 since I've been back but over the last 1.5 weeks she still seems to be struggling.
    I'm still see spots (pun intended).
    The nute reservoir is separate from grow chamber so there is minimal standing solution in with the roots. I am cycling for 45 second spray and 5 minutes off.
    I am using GH Flora series at 1/4 to 1/3 strength ( was seeing some nute burn on the healthy plant at 1/2 stength so I cut back to 1/4 and then up to 1/3 in the last couple of days) using Distilled water, CaliMagic, Diamond Nectar, and HyrdroGuard.
    These are autoflowers so they have already started to transition to flowering, I can see the white hairs.
    I did a reservoir change on Sunday and used the GH Wk4 Transition schedule at 1/4.
    This plant was a day behind the other one from the beginning so perhaps it is just a bad seed. Everything I have read says that the Magnum is an easy grower and thrives, so I'm not sure why she is struggling so much.
    Anyway, it may be too late for a total recovery, but I wanted to see what thoughts anyone might have? Perhaps I can still get a couple nugs from her.

    Thanks for any advice.
    This is a closeup of a leaf that shows the spotting well. You can see the the spotting is continuing to appear on the newer growth. A wider view of the girl that needs help.

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    What do the roots look like? That's the only other variable you haven't let us see.


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      I think that your 'magnum' isn't.
      I don't see anything you could have done to improve it-just doesn't have much vigor. Grow it and see what she does-not much else to do.


      • JustChillin
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        That was my thought too. I think the slow start with the prolonged low PH in the beginning didn't help. I was thinking about doing a flush with FloraKleen just in case there was a nute lock/bond of some sort, but I didn't want to do anything that would stress it more or hurt the Blue Dream.
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