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Tried many things first, its been 4 weeks and no more growth.

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  • Tried many things first, its been 4 weeks and no more growth.


    My first grow!

    Its been 4 weeks now since I first noticed my leaves turning yellow, and now my plants refuse to grow.

    The photos show how they are today, but they looked almost identical 4 weeks ago.

    I have tried different things since the first day, starting with different heights of the led light. I have two sizes and tried both. I tested the led with a watt meter and they are to spec.

    I only have a dripper ph tester, I follow the instructions and hope it is accurate enough to keep the pH within 5.5-6.5pH.

    Its a DWC grow. Indoor grow tent. Continuous carbon filtered exhaust. Air conditioning inlet. Humidity always 40-55%, temp always 24-28C - I have several meters around the tent to compare.

    I am using Nutrifield Elements GROW A & B. I started with half the recommended dosage, now using full dosage. All measurements checked and double checked!

    Looking at the bottom leaves my research says I need calmag, but my water is straight from Capital City tap water and the nutrients say there is magnesium in there already so I am worried getting calmag will do damage.

    Any comment would be appreciated!

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    How do the roots look? Based on the pics it definitely is very hungry. Can you get some pics in normal lighting rather than the led?


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      The roots are likely dried out. Those expanded pellets should be kept moist.
      Are you watering with unchlorinated water?