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Topping a plant well below growth tip?

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  • Topping a plant well below growth tip?


    I'm new here and I hope that this goes to correct forum. I have a small project with 6 plants which I topped using FIM-method. Topping failed with two of the plants, which now have grown approx. 15 cm taller than the other ones. Is it ok to cut them again 10 cm or so below the growth tip, as I would like their height to be more in par with the 4 other plants and thus avoid unnecessary shading in a smallish closet.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Hello lordjarski. Welcome to our forum.
    Topping below the tip will be fine. If you say that your topping didn't work then you must have been way too delicate with them as I've never heard of topping not working. You must have just nipped off the leaves and nit the tip.
    Remember that, once you've topped the side branches will grow out much more, so take that into account when planning your space.
    If your concern is about having the tops at around the same height, have a think about some LST. This is a great way to keep the canopy even without stressing the plants. Most growers use a combination of training techniques, so you could top and LST to keep things right. As a newbie you will be worried about hurting the plants. Don't worry so much, they are pretty robust once they get going.