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New Grower: I want to start small, with the possibility of scaling up

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  • New Grower: I want to start small, with the possibility of scaling up

    Hi Guys!

    I just joined the site, and I'm so impressed thus far by the wealth of information here!

    I've enjoyed pot for quite some time, and the time has come to start growing. I will start with 4 plants, which is the legal limit in Oregon without a commercial growers license.

    The main reason I am reaching out is this: we are getting ready to close on property that has two large metal barns. In total, I have about 5000sqft to play with. I'm not saying that I want to fill this space, but I am in a state that would allow me to legally grow commercially (though I'm not convinced that I want to).
    Having said that, I would like to learn to grow in a way that would easily scale up (without a significant change in growing method...and thus, another steep learning curve), should I decide to enter the commercial market at some point.

    As of now, I leaning towards the following:
    1. Sea of Green
    2. Hydroponic setup
    3. HID lighting
    4. I know this list should be much longer, and that's why I'm here!

    Note: if this sort of post is not allowed, I apologize (I could not find a list of rules).

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    Anyone out there?!


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      HI Graham. Welcome to our forum.
      Most methods will scale up. SOG hydro systems are the way many commercial growers go. What you should maybe give more thought to is how to set up separate areas. You will be wanting a cloning area, a veg area and a flower area, all need to be light isolated from each other. Then think about a system where you can keep a flow of new plants going into the system do you end up with a continuous supply with no waiting between harvests.
      Read this info about cloning and mother plants.
      Also, check out this page about continuous flow hydro systems, this type of hydro system scales up well.


      • grahammcp
        grahammcp commented
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        Thank you so much; excellent advice (and with as much research as I've been doing, I forgot to think about the three different setup areas!).

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      No worries. Be sure to let us know how it all pans out.