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    I have just taken down what was my worst looking plants ever, thing straggly SUPERBUD (hm super my arse anyhoo). done under my led. I had to many I think (6) plants didn't look to great and bloody loads of small buds done my head in trimming it. I need lessons in that folks I ether trim to deep or not enough. Once done and a few swear words and beers later, funny how you seem to trim less as you go on..I thought I'd be a smarty pants while donating it to my mates ;0) and took there usual donation back. a few hrs later I gets a call oh no here we go with the complaints I thought as I saw his no... to my shock NO "it's amazing mate,have you any more" wtf canny belive it..

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    Haha! You can't judge a book by its cover eh...

    I got fed up with trimming popcorn. Some strains are worse than others. MKUltra is one of the worse. So I started making canna butter out of my trim and throwing all the popcorn in there. Ooft! It's the future. Proper trippy wrecked. I've been a stoner for over 30 years and have NEVER been as fucked as that. I had to hold on tight a few times. The more I got into it, the more I just manicured the nice big buds and threw the rest in with the trim. Win Win.