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Regular LED bulbs as supportive lighting

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  • Regular LED bulbs as supportive lighting

    I know that some growers use cfl bulbs as supportive lightning with MH or HPS.
    Here is the question i'm using 1000 W HPS but i realize that there are some spots in growroom getting less light. So i want to use couple of tiny bulbs for that.
    Can i use 2700K 10W LED bulbs instead of CFL's.
    Thanks for answers

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    Hi boguren. Welcome.
    Yes is the answer. I used something like this and loaded it up with 10W LEDs. I found it very useful to hang in the space between my two main lights.


    • boguren
      boguren commented
      Editing a comment
      Thanks for your welcome and answer as well. I'm gonna hang LED's

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    I use cfl's but they are a pain in the bum far to bulky so I just put 2 x 600w in and the cfl is for emergency only.


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      If you can rig up a system whereby the smaller lights get in to the lower sections of the plant that can be useful. LEDs run pretty cool so you can get them right into the foliage where the main overheads don't reach.