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Strange things are happening to my plant

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  • Strange things are happening to my plant

    Hi everyone, I am fairly new at growing and I have a strange thing happening to my plant. I started growing a plant outside with some seeds I had and I knew it was too late in the season but I figured I could just take it inside and put under some light, which I did when the plants showed their sex, I got one female out of three seeds. I took the female and put it under 24 hour lighting, it's been about a month now and the plant is growing one finger leaves and just recently the leaves are curling under and it is growing big pistels next to each leaf. Does anyone know what is happening? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi Murphy. Your plant is simply reverting to the veg stage. Check out this article on monstercropping.
    Also, if you look through the forum you will find a post by Saturnalia on this subject. Your plant will stabilize eventually but it may take a while. After that it will grow just fine.


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      Thank you so much for the help, it really put things into perspective for me. I thought that I may have created a morphed plant or


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        Hi Murphy. Check out this post from earlier in the year. When you do this to a young clone the bushy growth is amazing once it becomes established in veg again. Not sure how it will work with a full grown plant, but my gut feeling says you will have lots of mad bushy growth.
        Check it


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          Hmmm good info people, never knew this could happen to any plant...