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    I am using rock wool cubes sitting in water. I have tiny little roots coming out of the bottom. Just little nubs. Is it ok to transplant to netcups? Should i put the hydro stones around it right away? Or do i want more root growth first. Plant only about 3 inches tall with 2 sets of leaves

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    Personnally, Iwhen I transplant, I only do it once to reduce shock to the plant. I put mine in its finishing size pot 2-5 gal. Hydro stones are ok. But I prefer to use my growing medium and adjust my watering accordingly. When they are small I just spray with a spray bottle. If you soak it too much you run the risk of stem rot.


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      Since iam growing in a 4 foot high grow closet, how big should i let the plants during veg stage before i start to flower?