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    I am using rock wool cubes sitting in water. I have tiny little roots coming out of the bottom. Just little nubs. Is it ok to transplant to netcups? Should i put the hydro stones around it right away? Or do i want more root growth first. Plant only about 3 inches tall with 2 sets of leaves

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    Personnally, Iwhen I transplant, I only do it once to reduce shock to the plant. I put mine in its finishing size pot 2-5 gal. Hydro stones are ok. But I prefer to use my growing medium and adjust my watering accordingly. When they are small I just spray with a spray bottle. If you soak it too much you run the risk of stem rot.


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      Since iam growing in a 4 foot high grow closet, how big should i let the plants during veg stage before i start to flower?


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        For a 45 watt LED ok for rooting clones?hat too much
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          HI eagernewby. A 45W LED should be fine for clones, will need to step it up for flowering though.


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            Hi Eagernewby69 I agree with Oz. I only transplant mine once, (especially in hydro) I used to do soil and trance planted a couple of times but I thought it was stressing the plants to much. so it was out the small pots straight into the 11lt pots and the went good guns plenty room to grow and stretch, It showed in my end crop went up a couple of oz. The less stress the better I say.