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Water on my leaves

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  • Water on my leaves

    Hey there!

    Maybe somebody can help me here (excuse my poor English btw.)

    I have a plant (White Widow) and it is in the 3rd week of flowering. Everything is fine and today when I went to check it, I have noticed water on the leaves as I was going through the plants, checking the buds.

    Before I came here, I have read that there may be high pressure on the roots and that may be true. I repotted the plant before it went into the flowering stage (because the whole soil was completely full with roots). Unfortunately the other pot was only a bit bigger and I spread soil on the ground of it, put the plant inside and filled the sides with soil. I had to apply a bit pressure on the soil on the sides in order to get the plant stabilized.

    Yesterday I gave the plant around 2,5 liters of water (more than usual) which may now come out through the plant and then it lands on the leaves.

    My question: what do you suggest? Should I repot it again into a waaay bigger pot (I have one) or should I water less till the end?

    The problem which I have: there is another plant in the box which is perfectly fine (sent it into flowering when it was not that big) and it needs space. If I repot the bigger plant with the "water problem", the small one may not have any place left.

    Thank you in advance for your suggestions and ideas.

    See you soon!

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    Hello Gogol. Welcome.
    If it were me I would leave the plant and just water a little less. 2.5 litres sounds a lot. What size is the pot it is in?
    The thing is, it will be quite a shock to the plant to be repotted again and 3rd week of flowering is a bad time to do this.
    Just give her less water each time, and only when she is dry.