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Autoflowering nutrients & other questions

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  • Autoflowering nutrients & other questions

    I've grown from cuttings for years but always on a traditional veg/flower 12-14 week cycle but wanted to try autoflowering from seed but had a few questions I can't find answers too.

    FYI I grow in a tent with NFT.

    - do I use the same flowering nutrients I'd use in a normal flowering cycle (I use canna hydro flores)? Or are there autoflowering specific nutes?
    - do I still start on veg nutrients before moving to flower? Or flower from day 1?
    - would I use in the same quantiites as usual?
    - do you still use PK?
    - can I still use boosters e.g. Bud link etc. ?

    thanks in advance, hope some of you guys can help or point me to threads I've missed

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    Hi Toppsy
    Although I don't grow hydro I do have some experience with autos that might help.
    Autos start out in veg and then flip automatically into flower at about 2-3 weeks. So you should start them off on veg food and then change up a few weeks in. Keep a good eye on them and you will see them start to stretch and show flowers and you will know then you are in flower phase.
    Apart from that, feed as usual so yes, you can use all the boosters and additives that you normally use.
    We have had a lot of posts (and I have seen lots of situations in real life) where autos don't stick strictly to the script. Make sure your seeds are from a reputable supplier.
    Let us know how you get on with it. Would be keen to see them grow.


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      That is blinding, pretty much what I wanted to hear to be honest! Yep they are from a reputable supplier I think, herbies... I will keep you posted