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  • Cash Crop 4.0

    Hey all! I am new to the grow community, I am looking into buying the cash crop 4.0 and was hoping you guys with experience could give me some input! I will put the link below. if there is anything else that I need besides this and what is included if you could let me that that would also be awesome.

    I would also like to know wat stains you guys like and why, I don't know what I want to grow as of yet.

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    Hey purp,
    Welcome to HTGM I myself am a organic grower not a hydro grower but I have researched and thought about it but just couldn't really tell you except from what is good or not when it comes to boxes expect from what I have read on it but that box looks like a really nice set up as for the CFL lights that's someone else's department or check out the lighting forum that we have here for answers about that box but it looks nice good fan set up and drip from what I see and a 6 plant trays holder and 3 flowering lights and 3 grow veg bulb and with nutes and all the goodies and practically turn key it would be a good deal but that is just my opinion.


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      First time grower myself, and bought that exact kit. Kit comes with everything needed, but read the blogs, i did not use their product for flowering stage. Get more of the same bulbs ahead of time, so you have if any blow out. strain must not grow to tall, as they will get close to the lighting, be mindful of that. No complaints so for, good investment.


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        With CFL's you can practically have the plant touching it without burning it, I like this setup but i don't think its high enough wattage for them CFL's that it comes with. sylmar616 how was it for you when you used it for veg with them smaller CFL's?


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          I use the big 200W CFL's in my closet for veg and use a 280w LED power bloom for bud stage