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  • A couple questions getting started

    Quick overview as to where I am now; received the seeds Thursday. Germinated with the wet paper towel method, worked great (all 5 seeds were successful). Carefully placed the germinated seeds into 1"x1" rockwool cubes (probably should have just germinated IN the rockwool, but I was unaware rockwool was so good for germination). Now they're about 1/4" to 1/2" deep in damp rockwool cubes 6" under light. It's been about 3 days since germination. Everything is looking good, just curious if anyone has any tips, warnings about easy mistakes, etc. Currently growing 5 plants (the same plants as mentioned above) via ScrOG (screen is 2'x4.5'), ebb and flow system, with 2 LED ( lights, a 10 gal nutrient reservior, using clay pellets as the final medium. Any information is appreciated.

    Oh, the strain is Big Bud Feminized Auto-flowering. Any and all feedback is GREATLY APPRECIATED (new and interested grower). So far I've done everything as I've read was most recommended. Me and a buddy have currently invested around $900-$1100 ensuring we do it right. I know it takes more than just the equipment to have a good grow, it also takes reading, caring, love, etc. and that's what were doing. We're just marijuana lovers with an interest that should be mutually beneficial for us as well as the plants. FEEDBACK IS VERY MUCH APPRECIATED.

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    Hi there
    You have obviously done your homework and it sounds like you are all organized and ready. If you stick to basic principles you can't really go wrong, the benefit of experience is just about yield and flavour. Barring any emergencies you will almost certainly get something back for your investment in a short time.
    The only advice I would offer at this stage is to say that the young seedlings are the plant at its most delicate and vulnerable. Be gentle with them at this stage and avoid burning them with the light or overfeeding them with full strength nutes.
    And you don't say what regime your light is on.... There is some debate here; Some go straight in at 24/0 to maximize photosynthesis. Others prefer 20/4 or even 18/6 to avoid over-stressing the plants and creating opportunities for problems (disease, bugs etc..). Personally I think 20/4 or 22/2 will give you the best of both worlds allowing the plant a short rest in the dark but still delivering something approaching maximum yield. Nobody can tell you exactly which method is best. It's a matter of personal choice.
    Also, I've never heard of autos on a SCROG. It should work in theory (I'm sure you've looked it up) but the plants will flower before you have a chance to veg out the screen, giving you little control over final yield and not allowing you to maximize yield/space in the way that SCROG was designed to do. I'll be very interested to hear how this goes so keep us informed.


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      Mister B, forgot I posted this forum...its been about 10-11 weeks now. I got a little excited in the beginning with 5 plants...don't think I have enough light for them all (ideal). Not sure when to harvest, I've read amber trics (but I've also read that some auto's trics dont turn amber. I've done more reading on growing in the past couple months than I have about any of my hobbies/interests haha. Let me know what you guys think regarding harvest, light, etc. I'm all ears as I only want to learn. Thanks.
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        They look fantastic! How did you do the lighting regime in the end? I'm still a little confused as to the benefits of scrogging auto strains, but results speak for themselves. These babies look ready to harvest from what I can make out from the pics. If you leave them a bit longer they may result in a heavier stone with more CDB and less THC, it's a matter of preference. If it was me I would probably take them now.
        Have you given any consideration to your next grow? Will you repeat the same thing? If you have a little more time you could put 1 full sized variety on that frame and get a massive yield. A viney grower such as Trainwreck would be ideal, but, as I say, would take quite a bit longer.
        You must be very proud with your first grow! I would say to you don't get impatient and hurry the drying and curing process. Take your time and you will have a real nice crop.
        If you remember add a smoke report to this thread so we get to hear the whole story from seed to inhalation


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          Update - Smoke report - post grow

          Mister B, as you said, I took my time with the drying and curing process. Smoked VERY well after a sufficient dry a cure. However, I did not have enough light. With LEDs being so new I was unsure what to do. I purchased a third ($500 Blackstar LED Enhanced Full Spectrum 2013) and my second grow EXPLODED. Harvested just over 4 ounces from two plants (black domina x white widow). Was very happy with the results and would recommend Blackstar LEDs to anyone. Currently in week 2-3 of Auto Berry feminized, I'll be sure to get on later and post a bit more. Gotta head to class



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            This is a problem I see a lot here and on other forums. It's easy to get enough light to veg those babies. It's the flowering that requires the extra oomph. Glad to see the extra LEDs did the job. I was going to recommend you add a small HID just to finish them, but you seem to have the situation totally under control. Top work!


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              Very nice. They look good and you have a really nice setup there. Keep doing what you are doing and you should be well on your way..