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  • buying quantum board from

    Hi guys happy friday! I am buying a 260w quantum board for my 3 x 3 grow tent and have been looking at alibaba kingbrite stores but I ran into niemiled on instagram selling quantum boards.. they are based in chicago which I sort of like better then alibaba. The 260watt light is $260 which didn't seem bad from the pricings that I've seen but I wanted to know if the grow light looks ok to buy?

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    I think Mars quantum boaed is better, I have watched lots of growing videos on Youtube
    Mars Hydro specializes in LED grow lights and grow tents since 2009, offering large range of full spectrum led grow lights and grow tents for indoor growing


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      We specialize in manufacturing LED plant growth lights. We can customize any spectrum you need to fit the cannabis species you grow
      Email me or call me directly to talk more. Thanks!