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  • First Grow Room Design


    I've decided to start a new project and design a complete grow room.
    Right now, I know that I need to use LED lights, so send suggestions!
    The hydroponics system is the path I've chosen.
    I'm also on a budget so I'd like to stay under 1k for everything or at least for the major things( lights, hydro system, nutrients).
    The dimensions might change but for now, I'd like to keep them around 3ft by 5ft.

    Since the lights are the most important key in growing,
    I need to decide on lights first.

    Option A: 6 x ECO 300w Mars Hydro = 720 Actual watts
    Option B: 3 x King Plus 1000w ?

    What do you guys think is a good cheap LED?
    (I know good and cheap don't go together)

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    madda, there are grow tents on the market about the size you are looking for,that contain all the equiptment you will; need to grow and are within your budget.
    the nutrients sometimes included.